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Selling FAQs

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Selling FAQs

Q: The website says you will buy my house and pay cash; is that so?
A: Yes, we pay cash for the houses we buy so you don’t have to wait for a mortgage pre-approval, pre-qualification, or any other kind of evaluation.

Q: What is the process of buying my house?
A: You fill out the basic information and send it to us or contact us directly. We’ll talk with you and find out your needs. If what you need fits with ours, we will make you an offer and settle/close in a time frame suitable for you.

Q: Would you consider buying a house in need of major repairs?
A: Yes, we buy houses that require all types of repairs, from very major to minor or cosmetic upgrades.

Q: How do you determine what you will offer for my house?
A: We strive to give you a hassle-free, positive experience, so first and foremost, we find out your needs. We then consider many factors such as the needed repairs, renovations, upgrades, and time required to complete the work; what comparable houses sell for; the housing market itself; a modest profit; and the costs associated with marketing and selling the house once it is completed.

Q: If you make an offer, am I required to accept it?
A: You are not required to accept the offer we provide for your house. Again, we want you to have a positive, hassle-free experience so it is your decision. We will respect your decision and will not pressure you to accept any offer we make.

Q: Who sells houses to Sun Real Estate Group?
A: Our customers are all types of homeowners that face situations in which they need to sell their house quickly or don’t want the hassle of owning, or repairing, a house. You can rely on us to create a positive and hassle-free experience for you. For instance, you may want to sell your house if you are facing foreclosure, job loss, divorce, the house needs repairs you can’t or don’t want to make, you inherited a house you don’t want or have the time to deal with, or you have other personal challenges that you have to overcome.

Q: Do you pay a finder’s fee if I help you find a property to buy?
A: In some cases we will pay up to $1,000 for a referral. Contact us directly to discuss terms: 215.962.3995 or

Q: I have questions that were not answered; what should I do?
A: You can call us so we can answer any questions or concerns you may have. 215.962.3995.

Renting FAQs

Q: Do you accept a lease that’s less than twelve months?
A: For the initial lease we only accept a twelve month term.

Q: Do you accept rental payment via an electronic transfer?
A: Yes, we are open to receiving payment via an electronic transfer.